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THE usual significators are for the querent; and the 10th house, its lord, and the ☉, for the place, preferment, &c., inquired after.

If the lord of the ascendant or ☽ be both joined by good aspect to the ☉, or by ☌ or good aspect to the lord of the 10th, and this planet behold the 10th, or be therein, the querent shall gain the thing sought for, if he use proper endeavours.

Or if none of the significators be joined to the lord of the 10th, yet if the lord of the ascendant or ☽ be in the 10th, unafflicted, he shall gain it; and also, if the lord of the 10th be in the ascendant; and very easily, if the two lords be going to a good aspect.

The lord of the 10th joined to ♃ or ♀, and in the ascendant, he gains the office, &c., easily; if joined to ♄ or ♂, and either of them in the ascendant, but well dignified, it will be gained, but with difficulty.

The lord of the 10th receiving ☽, or the lord of the 1st, denotes success. And if there be translation of light from the lord of the ascendant to the lord of the 10th, it denotes that it will be gained by means of such a person as the planet translating the light describes.

If the lord of the ascendant apply to ☌ of the lord of the 10th, and there happen no previous abscission by any other planet before the ☌ be complete, the querent will gain his desire, but he must labour hard for it.

If any planet be in ✶ or △ to the lord of the 10th, or the

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[paragraph continues] ☉, let the querent make application to such persons as they describe; for they may greatly befriend the querent by means of their influence.

If the promising planet in any case be in an angle, the matter will be readily completed; if in a succeedent, but slowly; and if in a cadent, the affair goes backward at times; but may, at last, be performed, if the planet be otherwise well dignified.

If an evil planet behold ☽ or the ascendant by ☐ or ☍, without reception mutual, he hinders the querent by means of that person who is to solicit the cause, &c. for him.

The best sign of all is, when the two lords be joined together, and the ☽ separate from the lord of the 10th, and apply to the lord of the ascendant; but it she apply to either, it is good.

If the lord of the ascendant apply to good aspect of the lord of the 4th, it denotes success; but if the lord of the 4th be joined also to the lord of the 10th, the matter shall be effected, but only after much delay and vexation.

Whether a Person shall remain in the Office he holds, or not?

Observe whether the lords of the 1st and 10th be in ☌, or any aspect; and note whether the more ponderous planet of the two be in any angle but the 4th; if so, he shall not be removed. But if the heavy planet be in the 4th, or approaching it from the 5th, he will leave his office. Yet, if there be reception between the two lords, he shall recover it again; and if the reception be mutual, he returns speedily, and with more honour than before.

You may judge the same if the lord of the ascendant be joined to a planet in the 3d or 9th, or to their lords, and

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after separation be joined to a planet in any angle, except the 4th.

But if the two lords (of the 1st and 10th) separate from each other, then he returns no more to his office, but loses it entirely.

If the lord of the ascendant, or 10th, or the ☽, are disposed of by any planet in an angle, (except the 4th), and that planet be slow in motion, he shall not be removed until that planet. be combust or retrograde, or leave the sign he is in; but much about that time he will be removed, unless some powerful aspects intervene.

If the ☽ be joined to the lord of the 10th, and he in the 10th, the officer or governor, &c., shall not be removed.

If the lord of the ascendant, or ☽, be joined to the lord of the 10th, and he more weighty than either of them, and in the 10th, 11th, or 5th houses, free from impediment, though he behold not the 10th, the officer shall be transferred to some other place or office; but if he behold the 10th, he shall remain where he is.

If the ☽ be joined to any planet not in his essential dignities, though with reception, (unless it be ♃ or ♀ by ✶ or △), the querent shall leave his employment, office, &c. If either the lord of the 4th, or ☽, be in the 4th, and ♈, ♋, ♎ or ♑, be on its cusp, he will leave it; and this is more certain if ☽ be then joined to the lord of the 4th, and he peregrine. The same may be feared if ☽ be in ♑, and afflicted, or if she be void of course, and the lord of the ascendant be afflicted.

Whether a King expelled his Kingdom, or an Officer having lost his Place, shall be restored?

The ascendant and its lord are for the querent, be he king, duke, or gentleman, &c. Observe, that if the lord of the 1st

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be in ☌ with the lord of the 10th, and the more ponderous planet behold the 10th house, then the king or ruler, &c. shall be restored.

If the planet do not behold the 10th house, observe whether ☽ be joined to any planet in the ascendant, or 10th, which also will denote his restoration. If ☽ be in ♈, ♋, ♎, or ♑, he returns the sooner. If the lord of the 10th be joined to a planet in the 10th, or the ☉, (but not by ☌ to ☉), it denotes the same. The lord of the 10th a lighter planet than the lord of the 4th, and separated from him, argues the same.

If the lord of the 10th be lighter than the lord of the ascendant, and be joined to him, he shall return to his office, &c. So also, if ☽ be joined to the lord of the 10th, and behold the 10th house, unless disposed of by a peregrine planet under the earth.

The lord of the 1st aspected and received by a planet not afflicted, he returns; if not received, he will not.

The ☽ joined to a planet in the 9th, (it not being a fortune), shews that the king, &c. recedes from his kingdom, &c. If it be a fortune, and in ♈, ♉, ♋, ♌, ♎, cp, aq, he will return; and if it be in ♊, ♍, ♐, or pi, he obtains office, power, &c. in another place.

The lord of the 10th, or ☽, being afflicted by ☌ of an infortune in any angle, the king, &c. shall never be restored. 1

Of the Profession, Trade, or Employment of which any one is capable.

Consider the lords of the ascendant and 10th, and the

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cusps of those houses, the, and ☽, also the places of ♂ and ♀; for these two planets are the significators of trade or employment. Observe which of the two (♂ or ♀) is the most powerful, and note the sign he may be in; also consider the four angles, and any planet in them. If they be in fiery signs, or the majority of them, (viz. ♂, ♀, the planet in an angle, and the cusps of angles, especially the 10th), and ♂ have any dignity in the place of the lord of the 10th, or the ☉, say the querent will make a good tradesman, &c. in any business where fire is used, or of its nature; and if the lord of the 10th be in his exaltation, he will do well in serving the king, or any high nobleman, &c.

If the significator of the employment, (usually the lord of the 10th, or a planet, especially ♂ or ♀, in the 10th, near the cusp), be in ♈, weak, he will make a good cattle-dealer, groom, farrier, grazier, &c.; if strong, a coachmaker, veterinary surgeon, &c., where he has to do with horses or great cattle, in a respectable way.

If the significator be in ♉, then husbandry will best suit him; or gardening, corn-dealing, grazing, &c.; or if ♀ be the significator, such things as appertain to women's affairs, a soap-boiler, fuller of cloth, scourer, &c.

If the significator be in ♊, he will make a writer, clerk, bailiff, &c., or a surveyor, painter, astronomer, astrologer, geometer, schoolmaster, &c.

If he be in ♋, he will be fitted for a variety of occupations; but he will be likely to go to sea, or to deal in liquids, such as wines, beer, &c.; and he will be fond of political distinction.

If he be in ♌, he will make a good horse-jockey or coach-man; a smith, watchmaker, glassblower, huntsman, or cow-doctor; or to do with any trade which uses fire.

If in ♍, he will make a good secretary to a person in

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power, a schoolmaster, accountant, stationer, printer; he will be an excellent politician, or be a good astrologer, &c.

If in ♎, he will be a good poet or orator; singer, or musician; silkman, or linendraper, &c.

If in ♏, he may prove a good surgeon, apothecary, or physician; or a brazier, founder, brewer, vintner, waterman, of master.

If in ♐, he will do very well to make a clergyman, to study chemistry, to buy and sell cattle, or to be a cook or butcher.

If he be in ♑, he will prove a good chandler, victualler, farrier, farmer, dealer in wool, lead, or farming commodities.

If he be in ♒, he will make an excellent ship-carpenter; and if any planet aspect him out of a watery sign, he may prove a good sailor or ship-master, or a painter and ornamenter of ships, or a merchant.

If he be in ♓, he makes a good jester, singer, player, &c., or brewer, or fishmonger; but generally the genius is dull, and the party given to sottishness.

As fiery signs shew workers at the fire, whether gold-smiths, &c., or bakers, &c., so earthy signs shew occupations connected with the earth, as potters, ditchers, brick-makers, gardeners, &c.; airy signs import singers, game-keepers, actors, &c.; and watery, sailors, fishermen, water-men, laundresses waiters in taverns, &c.

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Fig. 28.


The ascendant and ♀ are for the querent, the 10th house for the office or preferment he expected.

Finding ☽ strong in the 10th, was one argument that he should succeed. In the next place ☽, applied to △ of ♄, who has exaltation in the ascendant, and who receives ♀ by house, and is received by her again by exaltation. The ☽ applying to △ of the lord of the 4th (♄), argued that in the end he should obtain the office; but as ☉ was in the 7th

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in ☍ to the ascendant, with ☋, and was lord of the 11th, I judged that he employed as a friend a solar man, who was false, and did rather envy than feel friendly to him. I concluded, that with some difficulty he would obtain the office, notwithstanding the opposition a pretended friend offered; and so it came to pass within three weeks, and he then discovered that his friend was false; who had a great scar in his face, his hair of a blackish colour, shewn by ☉ being so near ☋. The separation of ☽ from ☐ of ☿, argued that he had delivered many petitions about it, hitherto without any success.


272:1 This rule will answer the question of the re-election of any Member of Parliament for any place he has formerly represented; as well as the restoration of any minister, &c. to power, or the return of any individual to any office or employment.

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