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p. 292


1st. In all cases of hearing rumours or reports, receiving letters or messages, &c., if you erect a figure for the exact minute of hearing or reading the news, &c., the lord of the 3d in good aspect with the cusp of the 7th, or a planet in the 7th, shews that the news is true, and that you are not deceived; if he be in evil aspect, either semi-square, ☐, sesquiquadrate, or ☍, the news is false.

2d. Whenever any person applies to another on any business whatever, either by letter, message, or personally, the 1st house represents him who is the first mover in the matter, who either goes or sends to the other, and the 7th represents the person applied to. Therefore, when a person reads a report in a newspaper, or elsewhere, the 7th shews that person, because the report, &c. comes. as it were, to him.

3d. If you apply to a person for goods of any kind, and they are promised, the application of the lord of the 2d to the lord of the 8th, or a planet therein, shews the time when they will be received.

4th. If you receive a bill of exchange, the figure for that time will shew whether it will be paid. If ⊕ receive a good aspect of the lord of the 1st, it will be paid; but if ⊕ receive any evil aspect of the lord of the 1st, it will not be paid. Probatum est.

The ⊕ always denotes money, whether in cash or bills; but property, whether in goods or lands, houses, &c., is always shewn by the lord of the 2d, or a planet therein.

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