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San Rock Art [Wikimedia] (Public Domain Image)

Specimens of Bushman Folklore


W. H. I. Bleek and L. C. Lloyd


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Title Page
The Mantis Assumes The Form Of A Hartebeest
!Gaunu-Tsaxau (The Son Of The Mantis), The Baboons, And The Mantis
The Story Of The Leopard Tortoise.
The Children Are Sent To Throw The Sleeping Sun Into The Sky.
The Origin Of Death; Preceded By A Prayer Addressed To The Young Moon.
The Moon Is Not To Be Looked At When Game Has Been Shot.
The Girl Of The Early Race, Who Made Stars.
The Great Star, !Gaunu, Which, Singing, Named The Stars.
What The Stars Say, And A Prayer To A Star.
!Ko-G!nuing-Tara, Wife Of The Dawn's-Heart Star, Jupiter.
The Son of the Wind.
The Wind.
#Kaga'Ra And !Haunu, Who Fought Each Other With Lightning.
The Hyena's Revenge. First Version.
The Hyena's Revenge. Second Version.
The Lion Jealous Of The Voice Of The Ostrich.
The Resurrection Of The Ostrich.
The Vultures, Their Elder Sister, And Her Husband.
Ddi-Xerreten, The Lioness, And The Children.
The Mason Wasp And His Wife.
The Young Man Of The Ancient Race, Who Was Carried Off By A Lion; When Asleep In The Field.
A Woman Of The Early Race And The Rain Bull.
The Girl's Story; The Frogs' Story.
The Man Who Ordered His Wife To Cut Off His Ears.
The #Nerru And Her Husband.
The #Nerru, As A Bird
The Death Of The Lizard.
The Cat's Song.
The Song of the Caama Fox.
The Songs of the Blue Crane.
The Old Woman's Song.
A Song Sung By The Star !Gaunu, And Especially By Bushman Women.
Sirius And Canopus.
The Song Of The Bustard.
The Song Of The Springbok Mothers.
||Kabbo's Song On The Loss Of His Tobacco Pouch.
The Broken String.
The Song Of !Nu!Numma-!Kwiten.
The Leopard And The Jackal.
Doings Of The Springbok.
Habits Of The Bat And The Porcupine.
The Saxicola Castor And The Wild Cat.
The Baboons And ||Xabbiten||Xabbiten.
A Lion's Story.
The Man Who Found A Lion In A Cave.
Certain Hunting Observances, Called !Nanna-Sse.
!Nanna-Sse, Second Part.
Treatment of Bones by the Narrator's Grandfather, Tsatsi.
How The Father-In-Law Of The Narrator Treated Bones.
Tactics in Springbok Hunting.
||Kabbo's Capture And Journey To Cape Town. First Account.
||Kabbo's Capture And Journey To Cape Town. Second Account.
||Kabbo's Journey In The Railway Train.
||Kabbo's Intended Return Home.
How |Hang#Kass'o'S Pet Leveret Was Killed.
The Thunderstorm.
Cutting Off The Top Of The Little Finger, And Piercing Ears And Nose.
Cutting Off The Top Of The Little Finger. Second Account
Bushman Presentiments
Doings And Prayers When Canopus And Sirius Come Out.
The Making Of Clay Pots.
The Bushman Soup Spoon.
The Shaped Rib Bone.
The Bushman Drum And Dancing Rattles.
How the Dancing Rattles are Prepared.
The Use of the !Going!Going, Followed by an Account of a Bushman Dance.
Preparation of the Feather Brushes Used in Springbok Hunting.
The Marking Of Arrows.
The Adhesive Substance Used By The Bushmen In Marking Arrows.
Mode Of Getting Rid Of The Evil Influence Of Bad Dreams.
Concerning Two Apparitions.
The Jackal's Heart Not To Be Eaten.
||Hara And Tto.
How Tto Is Obtained.
Signs Made By Bushmen In Order To Show In Which Direction They Have Gone.
A Bushman, Becoming Faint From The Sun's Heat When Returning Home, Throws Earth Into The Air, That Those At Home May See The Dust And Come To Help Him.
The Relations Of Wind, Moon, And Cloud To Human Beings After Death.
1. The Doings Of |Xue Are Many.
2. Further Changes Of Form.
3. |Xue As A ||Gui Tree And As A Fly.
4. |Xue As Water and As Other Things. In His Own Form, He Rubs Fire and Dies.
Prayer To The Young Moon.
The Treatment of Thieves.
The Four Pieces of Wood Called |Xu, Used for Divining Purposes.
To Beat The Ground (With A Stone).
Snakes, Lizards, And A Certain Small Antelope, When Seen Near Graves, To Be Respected.
A Certain Snake, Which, By Lying Upon Its Back, Announces A Death In The Family; And Which Must Not, Under These Circumstances, Be Killed.