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Specimens of Bushman Folklore, by W.H.I. Bleek and L.C. Lloyd, [1911], at

IX. Customs and Superstitions.


A little boy has this hand out.[1] A female child has this hand cut,[2] because she is a little girl, therefore, she has the hand of her female arm cut; because this is her female hand. The little boy feels that he is a little boy, therefore, he has this hand cut, his male arm, for, they shoot with this hand. Another boy does not have his hand cut; another girl does not have her hand cut.

Thus, the boy has this arm cut, with which they intend him to shoot; therefore, he turns this (the right) hand, when be grasps the arrow, he turns this (the left) hand, when he grasps the bow.

Another man has this (the right) ear pierced; he also has that (the left) ear pierced. Another woman has this (the left) ear pierced, because she feels that her female arm is here (i.e., on this side); she also has this (the right) ear pierced, because she feels that her male arm is here; she also has her nose pierced.

Another woman does not have her nose pierced, because the other woman is ugly; the other woman who has had her nose pierced, is handsome.

[1. Showing the top joint of the little finger of the right hand.

2. Showing the top joint of the little finger of the left hand.]


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