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Specimens of Bushman Folklore, by W.H.I. Bleek and L.C. Lloyd, [1911], at


First Version.

The old Woman sings; goes singing along; sings as she goes; the old Woman sings as she goes along about the Hyena-

"The old she Hyena,
The old she Hyena,

Was carrying off the old Woman from the old hut;

The old Woman in this manner,
She sprang aside,
She arose,
She beat the Hyena.
The Hyena, herself,
The Hyena killed[1] the Hyena."

Second Version.

The old she Hyena,
The old she Hyena,
Was carrying off the old Woman,
As the old Woman lay in the old hut.[2]


[1. She killed herself, by casting herself violently upon the pointed rock on which she had intended to cast the old Woman who was upon her back; but the old Woman sprang aside and saved herself.

2. The old Woman, who was unable to walk, lay in an old, deserted hut. Before her sons left her, they had closed the circle [sides] of the hut, as well as the door-opening, with sticks from the other huts, leaving the top of the hut open, so that she should feel the sun's warmth. They had left a fire for her, and had fetched more dry wood. They were obliged to leave her behind, as they were all starving, and she was too weak to go with them to seek food at some other place.]


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