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Specimens of Bushman Folklore, by W.H.I. Bleek and L.C. Lloyd, [1911], at


The sun rose, and |Xue was a dui;[1] and the sun set, and |Xue was an Omuherero and lay down; and the sun rose, and |Xue was |Xue, and went into another country and was a sha'o[2]; and the sun

[1. The flower of the dui is light-coloured; its fruit is green; another day, (when) its fruit has ripened, its fruit is red.

2. The shao is a tall tree, like the !kuni (palm?).]

set, and |Xue was a Makoba, and lay down; and the sun rose and |Xue was a |naXane.[1]

[1. (One kind of) !naXane lies upon the earth; another (kind of) !naXane is a tree. The !naXane are numerous. The fruit of the tree !naXane is yellowish. The fruit of the tree !naXane is large; and the ground !naXane fruit is small, and resembles the |kui fruit, is red, is small, and abundant.]


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