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Specimens of Bushman Folklore, by W.H.I. Bleek and L.C. Lloyd, [1911], at


Second Version.

The Hyena was the one who went to the Lion's house, then, the Lion acted grudgingly towards the Hyena; then, the Hyena became angry about it, therefore, the Hyena deceived the Lion, that he should also come to his house. The Hyena said: "O Lion! Thou must also visit my house; while he felt that he deceived the Lion; therefore, the Lion visited his house on account of it; he went to deceive the Lion with soup.

The Hyena said: "I am accustomed to pour soup into this child's mouth, I also pour soup into this child's mouth, I also pour soup into the child's mouth; I also pour into my wife's mouth soup."

Therefore, he poured soup into the Lion's mouth, he put the Lion's head into the pot, while he felt that he altogether put the Lion's head into the pot, that he might altogether kill the Lion with the soup's heat; while he feels that he is a Hyena who deceives other people; he speaks; therefore, he talked to the Lion about it. The Lion also speaks; they talked to each other; therefore, the Lion assented, because he also is a foolish Lion, because he is a Lion who kills people; he also eats people. The Hyena also kills people, while the Hyena feels that he also eats people; therefore, the Hyena carried off the old woman[1] on account of it.

Therefore, the Hyena took up the stick, he struck the Lion down, while the Lion's head was inside the pot; he beat him with the stick, while he felt that the Lion died, when his head was inside the pot.

[1. This is an allusion to a favourite Bushman story. Vide §80 of Dr. Bleek's "Brief Account of Bushman Folklore and other Texts", Cape Town, 1875.]


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