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1. The moons* of the season will wane. Let the Mazdayasnian (pray) for a smiter who may destroy quickly (the demon who causes their decrease). And quickly indeed may the malignant one die off—. For no one of her adherents can maintain this Drug(k) by prayers.

2. Smiting fiercely 3 with her weapon, she, the Drug(k), goes on, and most mighty she has been. And she wanders on, O Zarathustra! as mindful of her might, and strong 4 in proportion as she advances

p. 393

as the sinful Drug(k). But may Khshathra 1 be with me—, so that . . . . the deadly one may die away, for thereupon the blow of destruction shall come upon the Drug(k) 2.


392:2 This fragment is very much broken in its connections, and most corrupt in its grammatical forms. The translation is entirely conjectural. Section IX has also irregularities.

392:3 Some form of dva may be conjectured.

392:4 'With her weapon.'

393:1 Khshathraka?

393:2 See Y. XXX, 10.

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