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1. The Ahuna-vairya is a prayer to be (revered and) chosen as the choice one of Mazda. The Khshathra-vairya is likewise such, and the Yâ daêna 3. They (it) will gain the reward. Yathâ ahû vairyô. It is the word of Mazda. They are the words in season. It is the Mãthra-spenta word, the unsubdued, the undeceived, the victorious, the opponent of malice, the healing and victorious word of Mazda, which, as it is pronounced 4, gives most the victory to him who utters it. 2. I have declared the hymn which is most helpful and victorious against the words of Aêshma, which is health-giving and healing, and conducive to progress, the multiplier, and the furtherer of growth. And let the worshipper present it with a liberal offering . . . . with its pleasing words. Let that be done through veritable grace which helps us on the most 5. The Kingdom (is) to Ahura, which to the poor may grant a nurturer 6.


393:3 So I conjecture as the commencing words of some piece.

393:4 'For healing.'

393:5 Y. L, 11.

393:6 Last line of the Ahuna.

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