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p. 392

VII 1.

1. To the good waters, and to all the waters which Mazda created, and to that lofty lord, Apãm-napât, and to thee, O Ahurian One of Ahura, that water which Mazda created! be sacrifice, homage, propitiation, and praise. (The Ahuna follows.) 2. We utter our praises forth to thee, O Ahurian One of Ahura! and we complete good sacrifices, and deeds of adoration, with good gifts of offering, and gifts with praise, which are appropriate to thee among the holy Yazads. I will seek to render thee content. I will pour thee out. [Let them now recite the lofty Gâthas which belong to the ritual.]


392:1 This was to be spoken when the vessel containing the Zaothras was taken in hand (Sp.).

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