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1. We worship Ahura Mazda the bountiful; and we worship the Bountiful Immortals (saying the Spenta). And we sacrifice to the bountiful saint, and to the bountiful anticipative understanding 2. Also we sacrifice to the good and bountiful Âramaiti (the ready mind). And we worship her together with 3 the bountiful creatures in the creation of the pure. And we sacrifice to the holy creatures who have intelligence as their first 4, (to those foremost in their mind). And we worship the omniscient understanding, and Him who is Ahura Mazda (Himself). 2. And we sacrifice to the shining sun, which is the highest of the high; yea, we worship the sun together with the Bountiful Immortals, and the Mãthras with their good ceremonies 5. Also we sacrifice to the glorious achievements, and to this glory (which we have gained). And we sacrifice to the herds which have the Fire and its blessings 6. Also we worship the holy benefit which is so widely

p. 361

diffused 1, and that wisdom which is the bounteous Âramaiti, whose are the laws 2 of the Righteous Order, and of those holy creatures who have Righteousness as their first.


360:1 The word spenta throughout alludes to the Gâtha Spentâ-mainyu, but it is of course not without grammatical application.

360:2 In the Bundahis especially referred to Ahura.

360:3 Or, 'together with the bountiful creatures we worship the holy creatures.'

360:4 This expression may have been accidentally determined by the position of the word manô in the Ahuna-vairya formula; see Y: XIX, 12.

360:5 Or, 'the well-fulfilled.'

360:6 'Fire-made' is unintelligible; 'fire gifts-having' may refer to the flocks and herds, as expressing the source of that prosperity which is represented by the holy Fire.

361:1 Pahl. fravaft sûd.

361:2 Dâthra with K4.

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