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1. We worship Ahura Mazda with the usta 5. And we worship the Amesha Spenta with the usta, and the holy man, the saint. And we worship the prior world of the holy (and of the clean) with an usta, and the state of weal and salvation for the holy man (the saint). 2. And we worship that life-long state of blessedness (for the holy) which is the evil man's calamity 6; yea, we worship his eternal 7 salvation, and with the salvation prayer. And we sacrifice to every saint who

p. 360

exists, who is now coming into existence, and who shall exist in future.


359:4 This piece having reference to various expressions in the Gâtha Ustavaiti, follows it in the Vendîdâd Sâdah.

359:5 Referring to usta in Y. XLIII, 1.

359:6 See Y. XLV, 7.

359:7 Akaranem = the eternal thing; otherwise an adjective of two terminations; or, finally, read -ãm.

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