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1. (Homage to the Gâtha Vohu-khshathra 4! We sacrifice to the Vohu-khshathra), (the good kingdom) even the Khshathra-vairya, the kingdom to be desired; and we sacrifice to the iron-founding 5, and to the (sacrificial) words 6 correctly spoken which smite (the foe) with victory, and which hold the Daêvas subject.

And we worship that reward and that health, that healing and that progress, that growth and that victorious smiting 7 (2) which are between the Vohu-khshathra and the Vahistôisti 8, (and which are acquired by us) by the memorised recital of the good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, for the withstanding of evil thoughts, and words, and deeds; yea, for the undoing of all treacherous thoughts (directed) against me, and of all false words, and unfair deeds. 3. [And we sacrifice to the later Yasna, the heroic Haptanghâiti 9, (and which as it recurs becomes) the holy ritual chief.]


361:3 This piece from the later Avesta follows Y. LI, in the Vendîdâd Sâdah.

361:4 From the Vendîdâd Sâdah.

361:5 Associated with this Gâtha from Y. LI, 9.

361:6 Compare Y. LI, 3.

361:7 Y. LI, 9; also perhaps Y. LIII, 8, 9.

361:8 Between; that is, described in the space between the Vohu-khshathra and the Vahistôisti, i.e. in Y. LII. See hamisteê in Y. LII, 4, and paitistâteê in Visp. XX, 2.

361:9 This would seem misplaced; perhaps Y. XLII is meant, which follows the Haptanghâiti.

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