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p. 361


1. The hundredth subject is this, when a person molests or smites any one who is innocent, it is a sin of one Tanâvar every day for that person, as long as he lives 1. 2. And, when he departs from this world, the angel Mihir and the angel Rashn make up his account and reckoning. 3. He is 2 full of affliction, and experiences much regret and penitence, and has no advantage from it 3. 4. It is therefore necessary to keep oneself far from this sin 4.


361:1 See Sls. X, 17.

361:2 Lp, B29, J15 have 'afterwards, he remains in that place.'

361:3 B29, J15 add 'in that place.'

361:4 B29, J15 add 'and to do good to every one.' In La this chapter was originally numbered XCIX, and Chap. XLIX was subsequently inserted after it, and numbered C. In Lp it was numbered XCVIII, and occurs again as Chap. C, while Chap. XCIX is a repetition of XLIX (which is numbered LII in Lp). The discrepancy in the numbering of the chapters, of one in the case of La, and two in Lp, extends backwards as far as the confusion mentioned in p. 311, note 1, and was evidently due to that confusion.

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