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1. The ninety-ninth subject is this, that it is not proper for officiating priests, high-priests, spiritual chiefs, and priests, that they teach Pahlavi to every one.

2. For Zaratust enquired of Hôrmazd thus: 'To whom is it proper to teach Pahlavi?' 3. And Hôrmazd, the good and propitious, gave a reply thus: 'To every one who is of thy family (nasl), an officiating priest, a high-priest, a spiritual chief, and every one who is an intelligent priest. 4. 4 Besides these that I have mentioned, if one teaches it to others 5 it is a great sin for him; and if he has performed many duties and good works, the end for him may still be hell.'


360:4 B29 inserts 'it is not proper for any other person.'

360:5 Lp has 'if there be any one of the others, it is not proper that one teaches him.'

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