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p. 311


1. The forty-eighth subject is this, that, when they boil a cooking-pot, it is necessary to make the water two parts of one-third each, that one-third of the pot may be empty; so that, if at any time the pot shall boil, the water shall not go to the top 2. 2. For if they do not act so, and the 3 water, owing to not stopping, goes into the fire 4, it is a sin of a thousand and two hundred dirhams in weight 5; therefore it is necessary to keep watch that this sin does not arise.


311:1 There is some confusion in the MSS. as to the arrangement of a few of the following chapters. The order here adopted is that of B29, J15, which is here in accordance with the metrical MSS., although Chaps. 48-56 are numbered 52-60 in the latter, owing to variations in the earlier part of the work. In La Chaps. 48-50 have been originally omitted, but part of 48, prefixed to a portion of 50, has been afterwards inserted in the margin, and Chap. 49 has been similarly added after the last chapter in the book. In Lp the chapters are arranged as follows:—48, 51-53, 49, 54, 56, while 50, 55 are omitted.

311:2 Lp, B29, J15 add 'and the water not go into the fire.' La, Lp add 'at least one-third should be water [in such a manner that it becomes wet from ear to ear. It is necessary to keep the mouth continually closed, so that the water shall not go into the mouth],' but the passage in brackets is clearly a portion of Chap. L, 2, 3; it was originally written also in J15, but has been struck out of that MS.

311:3 La has 'if a drop of.'

311:4 La has 'mouth;' the passage in that MS. being evidently the end of Chap. L, 3.

311:5 La has 'of three hundred stîrs,' as in Chap. L, 3, and omits the rest of the text. The two amounts are identical, and are equivalent to a Tanâvar or Tanâpûhar sin (see Sls. I, 2).

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