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1. The ninety-fourth subject is this, when a person confers a benefit or kindness upon any one, it is necessary that the latter should understand the value of it, and lay the obligation (minnat) upon himself; and, if he be able, he should provide a benefit to that amount (miqdâr) for that person.

2. It is declared in revelation, that, when a person confers a benefit upon any one, Hôrmazd 1 gives him ten times as much, as an equivalent. 3. And, if the other be not understanding 2 the justice of this, it is related in the commentary of the Avesta in this manner, that it is a great sin for him. 4. And Aharman 3 speaks like this, namely: 'That sinner is akin to me; in the end he will come into my hands; I will not give him into the hands of any demon, but I will inflict punishment with my own hands.' 5. And the chief priest 4 says it is necessary for all Zaratustians that they keep themselves far from this sin.


357:1 Lp, B29 add 'the good and propitious.'

357:2 Lp, B29 have 'praising.'

357:3 Lp, B29 add 'the accursed.'

357:4 Probably meaning the commentator.

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