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1. The ninety-third subject is this, that it is necessary for all those of the good religion to practise abstinence from uttering slander (ghaîbat) behind one's back 2.

2. In the commentary of the Vendîdâd it states, that 3 slander is the greatest of all sins. 3. Every one who perpetrates slander about any one is like him who has eaten dead matter—and the eating of dead matter is a sin 4 that has likewise been mentioned, before this, in this book 5—but the statement is like this, while they do not indicate any punishment for it in this world 6, it does not go without it in that other world. 4. Therefore it is necessary for those of the good religion to make an effort, so that they may guard themselves from this slander.

5. In order that they may show thy soul, when 7 resigning life, the satisfaction (igzâ) for the sin, it

p. 357

states, in the commentary of the Vendîdâd, as to any one by whom slander is perpetrated, if the injured person goes before him and begs a righteous gift from him, and he provides a righteous gift for that person, the sin departs from him.


356:2 Literally 'face.'

356:3 B29 inserts 'the perpetration of.'

356:4 B29, J15 have 'a great sin.'

356:5 See Chap. LXXI.

356:6 Thereby differing from the sin of eating dead matter.

356:7 Lp, B29 have 'show at the time of.'

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