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1. The ninety-fifth subject is this, that it is necessary that it be expedient for all those of the

p. 358

good religion to perform the salutation of the sun 1 three times every day.

2. If one performs it once, it is a good work of one Tanâvar 2; if he performs it twice, it is twice as much; and if he performs it three times, it is thrice as much. 3. And if he does not perform one repetition, it is a sin of thirty stîrs 3; if he does not perform two repetitions, it is twice as much sin; and if he does not perform three repetitions, it is thrice as much sin.

4. And it is the same as this with regard to the salutations of the moon and fire 4. 5. Therefore it is expedient, in the religion, for every one of the good religion to bring the salutations into practice.


358:1 The Khûrshêd Nyâyis (see Chaps. VI, 2, LXVIII, 4).

358:2 That is, sufficient to counterbalance a Tanâvar or Tanâpûhar sin (see Sls. I, 2).

358:3 Equivalent to an Aredûs sin, or blow with a weapon (see Sls. I, 1, 2).

358:4 The Mâh and Âtash Nyâyis. B29 also interpolates 'the Mihir' Nyâyis.

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