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1. The seventy-fifth subject is this, that, when they wish to provide a supply of water for any cultivated land, it is first necessary that they make

p. 339

an inspection through every course and channel 1 of the water, to ascertain whether there be dead matter therein, or not; and, after that, through the water in like manner. 2. If they be in the middle of it, when the water is within their cultivated land, and dead matter comes in sight, if it be possible to ward it off one wards it off, and if it be possible to divert the water one diverts it. 3. And if the water arrives with dead matter unawares, it is no sin for them. 4. But if no inspection of the stream and cultivated land be made, and the water arrives with dead matter, those people are polluted, and it is necessary to perform the Bareshnûm ceremony 2 as regards their heads.


339:1 B29 has 'when any one wishes to enter into participation of a cultivated field, it is first necessary to observe in every course.'

339:2 See Chap. XXXVI, 1 n.

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