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1. The seventy-fourth subject is this, that at dawn, when they rise up from sleep, it is first necessary to throw something 5 on the hands, that is the

p. 338

hand-cleansing 1. 2. Afterwards, they are to wash the hands quite clean with water, in such manner that they are to wash the hands three times from the forearm (sâ’hid) to the end of the hand; and the face is washed from behind the ears to below the chin and up to the crown of the head; and one washes the feet three times thoroughly, as far as the leg (sâq); then one recites the Kem-nâ-mazdâ 2.

3. If it be a place where there is no water, and the risk be that the time for the Nyâyis 3 should pass by, it is requisite to cleanse 4 the hands three times with dust, and to perform the Nyâyis. 4. Afterwards, when one arrives at water, he is to wash the hands and face a second time, and to accomplish the Nyâyis 5.

5. Before the time when one throws something on the hands it is not proper to wash the hands and face, and it is a Tanâvar sin; it is also not possible to work at anything whatever with the hands and face not washed.


337:5 According to the long-metre Sad Dar this 'something' (as in Chap. L) is Nîrang, the ritualistic liquid or consecrated bull's urine (see Chap. XXXVI, 7 n). This chapter is, to some extent, a repetition of Chap. L.

338:1 Lp adds 'or some grass upon which no water has come, or fruit, is also to go into the nose and eyes, and make them clean' (see Chap. L, 2).

338:2 See Chap. XXXV, 2 n.

338:3 The salutation of the sun (see Chap. VI, 2).

338:4 B29 inserts 'the face and.'

338:5 B29 omits § 4.

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