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1. The seventy-sixth subject is this, when a woman brings forth, it is necessary that she should not wash her head for twenty-one days, nor put her hand again on anything, nor walk on a terrace-roof, nor put her foot on a threshold in her habitation. 2. And after the twenty-one days, if she sees herself in such a state that she is able to wash her head, she washes her head. 3. And, after that, until the coming on of the fortieth day, it is requisite to abstain from the vicinity of a fire and anything that is wooden 3 or earthen; it is also requisite to abstain from everything of her cooking and pot-boiling 4. 4. Afterwards, when it is forty days, she is

p. 340

to wash her head, and it is proper for her to do every kind of work.

5. Till the lapse of a second 1 forty days it is not proper for her husband to make an approach to her, for it is a great sin, and it is possible that she may become pregnant a second time, as within a period of forty days women become very quickly pregnant 2.

6. And if after the first forty days she sees herself impure, unless she knows with accuracy that it has come from the infant, it is necessary to consider if she be menstruous.


339:3 La ‘has, B29 kôbîn; Lp has ‘hûris, 'food.'

339:4 B29 omits these thirteen words.

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