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1. The seventy-first subject is this, that, forasmuch as it is not desirable for any one to eat dead matter for the sake of medicine and remedy, let them beware (zinhâr) when they eat it 4.

2. For it asserts, in the commentary of the Vendîdâd 5, that it is requisite to demolish the habitation, house, and abode of any one who has 6 eaten dead matter, and to fetch his heart out of his body, and it is necessary to scoop out his eyes. 3. And along with these torments, which they accomplish on him, his soul is in hell till the resurrection.


336:4 B29 has 'beware that they do not eat it.'

336:5 Perhaps alluding to Pahl. Vend. VII, 59-64.

336:6 B29 has 'to demolish his house and abode if any one has.'

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