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1. The seventieth subject is this, that, as to any persons, when they carry a corpse to the appointed place, it is necessary that two suits of clothes be put on, on account of this work. 2. It is requisite for those clothes to be on 2, and it is necessary 3 to make a dog gaze at the corpse twice, once at the time when life becomes separated from it, and once at the time when they wish to take it up.

3. Then it is necessary that both those persons be connected, and each of them is to tie a cord on one of his own hands, so that the hand may go away 4 from that of the other one. 4. And, when they are moving, it is necessary for him to be prepared and not to speak a word with any one. 5. And if it be a pregnant woman they are to take her up by four persons, because there are two corpses 5.

6. When, avoiding dead matter, one comes again upon it, he has, in the end, to wash 6 with ceremonial ablution 7, and that is requisite for the reason that he

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may not thereby be rapidly a cause of wickedness or death for any one 1.

7. And if one does not show a dog to the corpse, and they take it up, how many soever there be, the whole of them become polluted 2. 8. In the commentary of the Vendîdâd it is asserted, that every one who takes up a corpse that a dog has not seen is polluted and worthy of death 3, and never becomes clean; his soul also would be wicked.


335:2 Lp, B29 have 'to dress in those clothes.'

335:3 B29 omits 'it is necessary.'

335:4 That is, the cord must hang quite slack, though B29 states that 'the hand may not go apart.'

335:5 See Sls. X, 10.

335:6 B29 has 'he has to wash his head and body.'

335:7 Lp, B29 add 'and water.'

336:1 Lp, B29 omit 'for any one.'

336:2 B29 has merely 'and if, to make a dog gaze at the corpse, they take it up, it is on how many soever there he.'

336:3 Compare Sls. II, 65.

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