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1. The seventy-second subject is this, that when any one carries dead matter to water, or to fire, is

p. 337

worthy of death 1. 2. And 2 it asserts in revelation, that any year when the locust comes profusely 3, it comes for the reason that dead matter is brought to water and fire. 3. And, in like manner, the winter is colder, and the summer is hotter.


337:1 See Pahl. Vend. VII, 65-71.

337:2 Lp, B29 have 'for.'

337:3 La has sâl, and B29 san for 'year;' Lp has 'that when the bês and locust come profusely.' The bês may be either a poisonous plant (Napellus Moysis), or 'distress.'

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