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THEN from the midst of the Divine Duality, the Only Begotten of God came forth:

2. Adonai, the Word, the Voice invisible.

3. He was in the beginning, and by Him were all things discovered.

p. 143

4. Without Him was not anything made which is visible.

5. For He is the Manifestor, and in Him was the life of the world.

6. God the nameless hath not revealed God, but Adonai hath revealed God from the beginning.

7. He is the presentation of Elohim, and by Him the Gods are made manifest.

8. He is the third aspect of the Divine Triad:

9. Co-equal with the Spirit and the heavenly deep.

10. For except by three in one, the Spirits of the Invisible Light could not have been made manifest.

11. But now is the prism perfect, and the generation of the Gods discovered in their order.

12. Adonai dissolves and resumes; in His two hands are the dual powers of all things.

13. He is of His Father the Spirit, and of His Mother the great deep.

14. Having the potency of both in Himself, and the power of things material.

15. Yet being Himself invisible, for He is the cause, and not the effect.

16. He is the Manifestor, and not that which is manifest.

17. That which is manifest is the Divine Substance. 1


142:1 See Life of Anna Kingsford, vol. i, p. 192.

142:2 Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland recognised in this utterance "the original from which the opening sentences of the Fourth Gospel were derived" (Life of Anna Kingsford, vol. i, pp. 192, 193).    S. H. H.

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