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No. IX


ALL things are formed of the Divine Substance, which is the Divine idea.

2. Therefore all things are one, as God is one.

3. And every monad of the Divine Substance hath in itself the potency of twain, as God is twain in one.

4. And every monad which is manifest, is manifest by the evolution of its Trinity.

5. For thus only can it bear record of itself, and become cognisable as an entity.

p. 144

6. There are three which bear record in the Holy of Holies,--the Spirit, the Water, and the Word,--and these three are one,

7. And there are three which bear record in the outer world, the life, the soul, and the body,--and these three agree in one.

8. As is God, so is all which goes forth from God.

9. From the imponderable particles of physical light, to the molecules of the lead of the outermost circle,[D]

10. All things in heaven and in earth are of God, both the invisible and the visible.

11. Such as is the invisible, is the visible also, for there is no boundary line betwixt spirit and matter.

12. Matter is spirit made exteriorly cognisable by the force of the Divine Word.

13. And when God shall resume all things by love, the material shall be resolved into the spiritual, and there shall be a new heaven and a new earth.

14. Not that matter shall be destroyed, for it came forth from God, and is of God indestructible and eternal.

15. But it shall be indrawn and resolved into its true self.

16. It shall put off corruption, and remain incorruptible.

17. It shall put off mortality, and remain immortal.

18. So that nothing be lost of the Divine substance.

19. It was material entity: it shall be spiritual entity.

20. For there is nothing which can go out from the presence of God.

21. This is the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead: that is, the transfiguration of the body.[O]

22. For the body, which is matter, is but the manifestation of spirit: and the Word of God shall transmute it into its inner being.

23. The will of God is the alchemic crucible: and the dross which is cast therein is matter.

24. And the dross shall become pure gold, seven times refined; even perfect spirit.

25. It shall leave behind it nothing: but shall be transformed into the Divine image.

26. For it is not a new substance: but its alchemic polarity is changed, and it is converted.

27. But except it were gold in its true nature, it could not be resumed into the aspect of gold.

28. And except matter were spirit, it could not revert to spirit.

29. To make gold, the alchemist must have gold.

30. But he knows that to be gold which others take to be dross.

p. 145

31. Cast thyself into the will of God, and thou shalt become as God.

32. For thou art God, if thy will be the Divine will.

33. This is the great secret: it is the mystery of redemption.


143:1 "The term manifest relates only to the physical senses. The 'Vision of Adonai' . . . is beheld by the eyes of the interior and substantial man" (E. M. Art. in The Unknown World, 1894, p. 14). See Part III, "Concerning the Divine Image."

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