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IN the beginning, the potentialities of all things were in Elohim.

2. And Elohim. was twain, the Spirit and the Water,--that is, the heavenly deep.

3. Now the spirit of Elohim is original life, and the heavenly waters are space and dimension.

4. He is the line, and She is the circle.

5. And without them is void and darkness.

6. Now the Divine twain were from the beginning contained in the bosom of the One who was before the beginning:

7. Even God the nameless, invisible, unfathomable, unspeakable, motionless:

8. From whom proceeded the heavens--that is, the duality, spirit, and deep--and the earth--that is, spiritually, the beyond.

9. Now the beyond was without form and void, and darkness covered the face of it.

10. But the heavenly waters were covered by the Spirit of God.

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