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5. THEIR Apparell and Speech is like that of the People and Countrey under which they live: ƒo are they ƒeen to wear Plaids and variegated Garments in the Highlands of Scotland, and Suanochs therefore in Ireland. They ƒpeak but litle, and that by way of whiƒtling, clear, not rough. The verie Divels conjured in any Countrey, do anƒwer in the Language of the Place; yet ƒometimes the Subterraneans ƒpeak more diƒtinctly than at other times. Ther Women are ƒaid to Spine very fine, to Dy, to Toƒƒue, and Embroyder: but whither it is as manuall Operation of ƒubƒtantiall refined Stuffs, with apt and ƒolid Inƒtruments, or only curious Cob-webs, impalpable Rainbows, and a fantaƒtic Imitation of the Actions of more terreƒtricall Mortalls, ƒince it tranƒcended all


p. 15

the Senƒes of the Seere to diƒcerne whither, I leave to conjecture as I found it.

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