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4. THEIR Houƒes are called large and fair, and (unleƒs att ƒome odd occaƒions) unperceaveable by vulgar eyes, like Rachland, and other inchanted Iƒlands, having fir Lights, continual Lamps, and Fires, often ƒeen without Fuel to ƒuƒtain them. Women are yet alive who tell they were taken away when in Child-bed to nurƒe Fairie Children, a lingering voracious Image of their (them?) being left in their place, (like their Reflexion in a Mirrour,) which (as if it were ƒome inƒatiable Spirit in ane aƒƒumed Bodie) made firƒt ƒemblance to devour the Meats that it cunningly carried by, and then left the Carcaƒe as if it expired and departed thence by a naturall and common Death. The Child, and Fire, with Food and other Neceƒƒaries, are ƒet before the Nurƒe how ƒoon ƒhe enters; but ƒhe nather perceaves any Paƒƒage


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out, nor ƒees what thoƒe People doe in other Rooms of the Lodging. When the Child is wained, the Nurƒe dies, or is conveyed back, or gets it to her choice to ƒtay there. But if any Superterraneans be ƒo ƒubtile, as to practice Slights for procuring a Privacy to any of their Miƒteries, (ƒuch as making uƒe of their Oyntments, which as Gygeƒ's Ring makes them inviƒible, or nimble, or caƒts them in a Trance, or alters their Shape, or makes Things appear at a vaƒt Diƒtance, &c.) they ƒmite them without Paine, as with a Puff of Wind, and bereave them of both the naturall and acquired Sights in the twinkling of ane Eye, (both theƒe Sights, where once they come, being in the ƒame Organ and inƒeparable,) or they ƒtrick them Dumb. The Tramontains to this Day put Bread, the Bible, or a piece of Iron, in Womens Beds when travelling, to ƒave them from being thus ƒtollen; and they commonly report, that all uncouth, unknown Wights are terrifyed by nothing earthly ƒo much as by cold Iron. They delyver the Reaƒon to be that Hell lying betwixt the chill Tempeƒts, and the Fire Brands of ƒcalding


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[paragraph continues] Metals, and Iron of the North, (hence the Loadƒtone cauƒes a tendency to that Point,) by ane Antipathy thereto, theƒe odious far-ƒcenting Creatures ƒhrug and fright at all that comes thence relating to ƒo abhorred a Place, whence their Torment is eather begun, or feared to come hereafter

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