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6. THERE Men travell much abroad, either preƒaging or aping the diƒmall and tragicall Actions of ƒome amongƒt us; and have alƒo many diƒaƒtorous Doings of their own, as Convocations, Fighting, Gaƒhes, Wounds, and Burialls, both in the Earth and Air. They live much longer than wee; yet die at laƒt, or [at] leaƒt vaniƒh from that State. 'Tis ane of their Tenets, that nothing periƒheth, but (as the Sun and Year) every Thing goes in a Circle, leƒƒer or greater, and is renewed and refreƒhed in its Revolutions; as 'tis another, that every Bodie in the Creation moves, (which is a ƒort of Life;) and that nothing moves, but [h]as another Animal moving on it; and ƒo on, to the utmoƒt minuteƒt Corpuƒcle that's capable to be a Receptacle of Life.

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