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p. 511



I. I WILL extol Thee, the Trinity in the mysterious One,
Who is One and Three, a Unity of one energy,
Of the same essence and attributes, one God to be praised.
I will praise Thee, great Father, whose mighty works are great;
To praise Thee is just; to praise Thee is incumbent on me,
The produce of poetry is the right of Eloi.
Hail, glorious Christ!
Father, and Son, and Spirit! Lord,
God, Adonai!

II. I will extol God, who is both One and Two,
Who is Three without any error, without its being easily doubted;
Who made fruit, and rill, and every gushing stream;
God is his name, being two Divine Ones to be comprehended;
God is his name, being three Divine Ones in his energy;
God is his name, being One; the God of Paul and Anhun.

III. I will extol One, who is both Two and One.
Who is, besides, Three, who is God Himself,
Who made Mars and Luna, and male and female,
And ordained that the shallow and the abyss should not be of equal depth;
Who made heat and cold, and sun and moon,
And letters in the wax, and flame in the candle,
And affection to be one of the senses, and lovely woman late,
And caused the burning of five Caers, and an erring consort.

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