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HAIL, glorious Lord!
May church and chancel bless Thee!'
And chancel and church!
And plain and precipice!
And the three fountains there are,
Two above wind, and one above the earth,
May darkness and light bless Thee!
And fine silk and sweet trees!
Abraham the chief of faith did bless Thee.
10 And life eternal.
And birds find bees.
And old and young.
Aaron and Moses did bless Thee.
And male and female.
And the seven days and the stars.
And the air and the ether.
And books and letters.
And fish in the flowing water.
And song and deed.
20 And sand and sward.
And such as were satisfied with good.
I will bless Thee, glorious Lord!
         Hail, glorious Lord!

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