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Here are Triads which were found at Bewpyr, having been lost there by some one; or perhaps some person placed them of his own accord on the floor, where they were found.

1. The three occasions on which God rushed out of His infinitude: the first was, to make what never existed before, and that with a view to good, and for the prevention of all evil. Hence issued existence, or the work of His creation; and when it might have been otherwise, herein were shown infinite power and wisdom. The second was to deliver all emanations and existences from evil chance, and the assault of Cythraul 1, and to restore what had been lost, or become deteriorated, or to cast it off, and substitute a better in its stead. This will occur and happen to every existence, until all existence and creation shall have been improved to the utmost limits of goodness.

2. Three things indicate God: the placing good and evil face to face, in order that the one or the other may be known, with the view of attaching one's self to the good and renouncing the evil. 2


205:1 p. 204 This phrase, undoubtedly Bardic, seems to have been present to the mind of the Welsh translator of the Litany, who has employed it as equivalent to "the assaults of the devil."

205:2 These Triads, it will be seen, arc incomplete.

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