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1. The three principal bodily perceptions of man: seeing; hearing; and feeling.

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2. The three principal perceptions of the soul of man: love; hatred; and understanding.

3. There are three things from God, namely: what cannot be had as good without; what all see that they want; and what nobody else can satisfy.

4. The three residents of Ceugant: God; justice; and desirableness; and where God is, there are the other two.

5. The three impossibilities of God: to hate; to become feeble; and to become too great.

6. Three places where God cannot be found: where He is not asked to be; where He is not desired to be; and where He is not obeyed.

7. The three purposes of God in His works: to consume the evil; to enliven the dead; and to cause joy from doing good.

8. The three ways in which God works: experience; wisdom; and mercy.

9. There should be three agreements in every act of man: agreement with the nature of morality; agreement with the excellences of humanity; and agreement with what can exist in every thing for ever in the circle of Gwynvyd. Others say, agreement with the commandment of God; agreement with the excellences of man; and agreement with what can exist for ever, in respect of the godliness of its existence, in the circle of Gwynvyd. Others say; with the benefit of all living beings; with the justice of God; and with the love of the circle of Gwynvyd.

10. The three principal uses of all things in the hands of God: that they should be with a view to the greatest need; to the greatest utility; and to the greatest love.

11. The three principal properties of the Hidden God: power; knowledge; and love.

12. The three daily cares that should occupy the mind of every man: to worship God; to avoid injuring any one; and to act justly towards every living thing.

13. The three fears of a wise man: the fear of offending God; the fear of acting uncharitably to man; and the fear

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of excessive wealth and prosperity. Another version: the fear of God; the fear of sin; and the fear of excessive prosperity.

14. The three fears of the foolish man: the fear of man; the fear of the devil; and the fear of poverty. Al. worldly adversity.

15. In three things will a man resemble the devil: laying snares in the way; fearing a little child; and laughing at evil.

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