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1. The three stabilities of Gwynvyd: to know the nature of evil, from having suffered it in Abred; to know the nature of good, from having experienced it in Gwynvyd; and that every living being should know his appointment, according to the pleasure and purpose of God; and then there will be security and stability. For God cannot otherwise maintain it from love to truth and justice, and God cannot do other than what is true and just, hence comes perfect love.

2. The three virtues of unity: one without another; entirety without plurality; and plurality in entirety; and there can be no firm unity but from God.

3. The three instabilities of plurality: non-universality; finiteness; and changeableness; that is to say, non-universality, because the speciality of one thing or kind cannot belong to another, nor can the same place be for one and for another; finiteness, because there can be no infinitude, where there is another thing, however little it may be, of the same kind; changeableness, for where there are two or more, one will have the precedency over another, and hence there will be a capability of change, until the first becomes last.

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