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p. 87



Fire was going to teach Bear, Tiger, 1 and Rattlesnake together while they fasted. 2 While Fire was teaching them, all were to stay in one place, but Bear got tired and ran away. They had said Bear was to receive a rattle, and when he ran away Bear took the rattle with him and disappeared.

Next day Fire said, "Bear started off, but did not get far from us; he, is lying asleep near by." The rest had remained together.

He taught Tiger, Bear, and Rattlesnake together for three years. Bear, who was to have received the rattle, had it taken away from him, and it was given to Rattlesnake. Fire said to the latter, "You must always carry this." Fire gave him the rattle and to him and the other two all kinds of knowledge.

Then Fire went away. He set out fires and scattered the fire. The rain fell to put it out, but could not do so, and it spread. It continued raining, but in vain, and when it stopped all men received fire. The fire was distributed. When the red men received knowledge it is said that it was through the fire that they received it. So it is said.


87:1 Meaning Panther.

87:2 This is in accordance with the old usage when youth were initiated into the secrets of medicine.

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