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He came to a camp and asked that a girl be given him in marriage. The man had said, "I will give my daughter to one who has large leg muscles." Coyote, displaying his leg muscles, was given the girl. A horse whinnied. "That is my horse, making the noise," Coyote said. After they had stayed there sometime they prepared to move the camp. "I am going to get my horse," Coyote told them. His wife's family still remained there while the others moved away. When Coyote did not return, those who remained started and went to the other camp. "My horse came this way," said Coyote, as he ran out toward them. "A panther skin saddle blanket was on him and the halter and bridle of rope were dragging." 2


234:1 Dr. Lowie secured a more extended form among the Northern Shoshone. Lowie, (a), p. 262. Compare Dorsey and Kroeber, p. 65; Mason, p. 306; Kroeber, (c), pp. 260-264; Dorsey, (c), p. 260.

234:2 A panther skin saddle blanket is an affectation of the wealthy.

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