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p. 235


Coyote ran off again from them. They did not find him and went off camping in another direction. The man married his daughter to Mosquito. He came to her at night. Early in the morning he said, "I am going to hunt," and went off. At night he came back bringing nothing but the blood. "I will go after the meat in the morning," he told them. He came back at night without anything, saying, "The ravens ate up all the meat." "Why did not you bring the bones, at least?" they asked. "The bones too, were all chewed up," he replied. The next evening he came back bringing nothing but blood. "I put the meat in a tree," he told them. The next day he went after it but came back reporting that the ravens had eaten it all. "Well, why did not you bring the bones anyway?" they asked him. "The bones too, were all eaten up," he said. While they were still sleeping the sun came up. His wife uncovered his face. His mouth was slender and very long. His arms and legs were very slender too. She stood and looked at him. They took the tipi down and moved it. When he woke up he covered his head with his blanket and went off in this direction. She left him.

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