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Coyote ran off from there and came where a rock was rolling around under a cliff. "I am going to roll over you," the rock said. "I run fast. You can not run over me," said Coyote. "Don't say that, I will roll over you," cried the rock. Coyote defecated and urinated on top of it. The stone commenced to roll. Coyote was running around in front of it. "Here I am, roll on me," he cried. It was rolling after him pretty fast. Coyote, as he was running around, started up a hill. The stone came after him. When he started down, the stone still came after him. For a long time, they did that until Coyote was tired out. "I am going to clean it," said Coyote. Then he licked it clean and started off again.

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