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Ha dîdaxui'+gî'+ anA'ñ xAñgô' lAndjî'+wa'+s la+.
Towards the woods | some one | facing | sitting down (like common people) |he (who was sitting).
Dja Lana' q!o'guga+ô+.
Say, | stop | telling lies.
DAñ siwulAndjû'gâ'+sga+[ha] djigA'ldAxwañ gî+djhao.
Your | mouth will be crooked | mosquito (i. e., common people) | people.

One sits here like a common person facing the woods.
Say, stop telling lies!
Your mouth will become crooked, mosquito people. 2


29:2 Some one uses the low-class word for "sitting down" to the child, and is told to stop or the wealthy will give away so many blankets as to put him to shame and "give him a bad name." That is what is meant by "your mouth will become crooked." Common people are called "mosquito people."

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