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The Iroquois Book of Rites

By Horatio Hale


Title Page


Chapter I: The Huron-Iroquois Nations
Chapter II: The League and its Founders
Chapter III: The Book of Rites
Chapter IV: The Condoling Council.--Clans and Classes
Chapter V: The Condolence and the Installation
Chapter VI: The Laws of the League
Chapter VII: Historical Traditions
Chapter VIII: The Iroquois Character
Chapter IX: The Iroquois Policy
Chapter X: The Iroquois Language

Ancient Rites of the Condoling Council

Ancient Rites of the Condoling Council
The Book of the Younger Nations
Notes on the Canienga Book
Notes On The Onondaga Book


Note A: The Names of the Iroquois Nations
Note B: Meaning of Ohio, Ontario, Onontio, Rawenniio
Note C: The Era of the Confederacy
Note D: The Hiawatha Myths
Note E: The Iroquois Towns
Note F: The Pre-Aryan Race in Europe and America
Caniega Glossary