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136. THE NOSE. From this nose, from the openings of the nostrils, the Spirit of Life rusheth forth upon Microprosopus.

137. And from that opening of the nose, from those openings of the nostrils, dependeth the letter He, in order to establish the other and Inferior He.

138. And that Spirit proceedeth from the hidden brain, and She is called the Spirit of Life, and through that Spirit 1 will all men understand ChKMThA, Chokmatha, Wisdom, in the time of King Messiah.

139. As it is written, Isa. xi. 2: "And the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, RYC 1 ChKMH VBINH, Ruach Chokmah Va-Binah, shall rest upon Him," &c.

140. This nose is life in every part; perfect joy, rest of spirit, and health.

141. The nose of Microprosopus is as we have (before) conformed it.

142. Since concerning Him it is said, Ps. xviii. 9: "There ascendeth a smoke in His nose," &c.

143. But concerning this it is written, Isa. xlviii. 9: "And for my name's sake will I defer mine anger (literally, lengthen my nose) for thee."

144. (But in the Book which is called "The Treatise of the School of Rav Yeyeva the Elder," the letter He is located in the mouth, and he doth not argue in the same manner as in the text, neither doth he bring about the

p. 214

same combination, although the matter eventuateth in the same manner.)

145. But yet from the letter the judgment dependeth, and judgment pertaineth unto the nose (of Microprosopus). Like as it is written, Ps. xviii. 9: "Smoke ascendeth out of His nose."

146. And if thou sayest that behold also it is written, "And fire out of His mouth consumeth," surely the foundation of wrath dependeth from His nose.

147. All the conformations of the Most Holy Ancient One are formed forth from the calm and concealed brain.

148. And all the conformations of Microprosopus are formed through the Inferior Chokmah, Wisdom. Like as it is written, Ps. civ. 24: "All these hast thou made in Chokmah." And certainly it (Wisdom) is the epitome of all things.

149. Now what is the difference between H, He, and H, He? By the Inferior He is judgment stirred up; but in this instance, through the other lire, mercy unto mercy is denoted.


273:1 Speaking of the unity, the "Sepher Yetzirah" says: "One is She, the Spirit of the Elohim of life (blessed and more than blessed be His name who is the life of ages), Voice, and Spirit, and Word--this is She the Spirit of holiness."

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