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150. From the Beard of the Most Holy Ancient One hangeth the whole ornament of all, and the Influence; for all things are called from that beard, Influence.

151. This is the Ornament of all Ornaments, and this influence do all the superiors and inferiors alike behold.

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152. From this Influence dependeth the life of all things.

153, From this Influence heavens and earth depend, the rains of grace, and the nourishment of all things.

154. From this Influence cometh the providence of all things. From this Influence depend all the superior and inferior hosts.

155. Thirteen fountains of excellent and precious oil depend from this beard of most glorious Influence, and they all flow down into Microprosopus.

156. Say not thou, however, that all do so, but nine of them are found (in Microprosopus) for the purpose of diverting the judgments.

157. And whensoever this Influence hangeth down in equilibrium even unto the heart, all the Holinesses of the Holinesses of Holiness depend from it.

158. In that Influence is extended an expansion of the Supernal Emanation, 1 which is the Head of all Heads, which is not known nor perfected, and which neither superiors nor inferiors have known, because from that Influence all things depend.

159. In this beard the Three Heads concerning which we have spoken are expanded, and all things are associated together in this Influence, and are found therein.

160. And therefore every ornament of ornaments dependeth from that Influence.

161. Those letters which depend from this Ancient One all hang in that beard, and are associated together in that Influence.

162. And they hang therein for the purpose of establishing the other letters.

163. For unless those letters could ascend into the Ancient One, those other letters could not be established.

164. And therefore Moses saith when necessary IHVH,

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[paragraph continues] IHVH, twice; and so that an accent distinguishes the one from the other.

165. For assuredly from the Influence all things depend.

166. By that Influence are both superiors and inferiors brought into reverence, and are prostrate before It.

167. Blessed is he who attaineth hereunto.


275:1 the word is QVTRA: Rosenroth translates it by "Aporrhea." It may also be translated "vapour," or "nebula."

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