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113. THE eyes of the Head of the Most Holy Ancient One are two in one, 1 equal, which ever watch, and sleep not.

114. Like as it is written, Ps. cxxi. 4: "The Keeper of Israel neither slumbereth nor sleepeth," &c.--namely, of Israel the holy.

115. And therefore are there no eyebrows nor eyelashes unto His eyes.

116. This Brain is conformed and illuminated with three supernal white brilliances.

117. With this white brilliance are the eyes of Microprosopus bathed.

118. As it is written, Cant. v. 12: "Washed with milk," flowing down from the fulness of that primal white brilliance.

119. And with the remaining white brilliances are the other lights cleansed and purified.

120. The Brain is called the fountain of Benevolence, the fountain wherein all blessings are found.

121. And since this Brain radiateth into the three white brilliances of the eye (of Microprosopus), hence is that called the "good eye," concerning which it is said, Prov. xxii. 9: "It shall be blessed," or rather that from it dependeth blessing.

122. For through the Brain are manifested the white brilliances of the eye.

123. And when this eye looketh upon Microprosopus, all the worlds are (in a state of) happiness.

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124. This is the right eye. The inferior eyes are right and left, two in duplicate colour.

125. In the "Book of Concealed Mystery" have we taught that there is a Superior Yod, an Inferior Yod; a, Superior He, an Inferior He; a Superior Vau, an Inferior Vau.

126. Unto the Ancient One pertain all the Superiors, and unto Microprosopus the Inferiors.

127. They depend not in another manner, but only thus; for from the Most Holy Ancient One do they depend.

128. For the Name of the Ancient One is concealed in all things, neither is it found.

129. But those letters which depend from the Ancient One, so that they may be established, are all inferiors. For were it not so, they could not be established.

130. And therefore is the Holy Name 1 alike concealed and manifest.

131. For that which is concealed pertaineth unto the Most Holy Ancient One, the Concealed in all things.

132. But that, indeed, which is manifested, because it dependeth, belongeth unto Microprosopus. (Otherwise, that which is manifested, is so for this reason--that it is manifested because it dependeth, &c.)

133. And therefore do all the blessings require both concealment and manifestation.

134. Those concealed letters which hang behind depend from the Most Holy Ancient One.

135. Wherefore do they hang behind? For the purpose of establishing the Inferior Yod. (Otherwise, assuredly from the Skull, from the Forehead, from the Eyes, do they depend. And the Yod Maternal 2 dependeth towards the Inferior Yod.)

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271:1 The Duad equated in the Monad. Compare what I have previously remarked concerning the profile symbolism of Macroprosopus.

272:1 The student will observe throughout the Qabalah that great stress is laid on the power of names, which arises from the fact that each qabalistical name is the synthesis of a power. Hence to "pronounce that name" is to use that power.

272:2 The word I have translated "Maternal" is AMH, Amah, with a double Kametz point. Rosenroth renders it "Yod Membri."

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