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570. WE have learned that from the skull of His head (i.e., of Microprosopus) hang one thousand times a thousand myriad myriads of locks of black hair, and they are intertwined together each to the other, and they are mingled together.

571. But there is no classification made of the locks of hair separately, because pure and impure alike adhere to each other therein, and here (the description above given) mentions both pure and impure together.

572. In all those sides which are pure, and in all those which are impure, there are intricate and dense locks of hair, some of which are soft, some hard.

573. And in single locks doth the hair hang down, curls upon curls, which emit flames, and hang down in beautiful and strong array, like those of a brave hero victorious in war.

574. They are excellent as the great and foliated cedars. This is that which is written, Cant. v. 15: "Excellent as the cedars."

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575. The curling locks are parted on this side and on that above the head.

576. Also we have learned that they remain in curls because they proceed from many fountains of the three canals of the brain.

577. For from the fountain of one cavity of the skull proceedeth the hair, and it becomes curls upon curls (formed), from the fountains proceeding from that cavity.

578. From the second cavity there go forth fifty fountains, and from those fountains the hair issueth, and it becometh curls upon curls, and they are mingled with the other locks.

579. From the third cavity there go forth a thousand times a thousand conclaves and assemblies, and from them all the hair issueth; and it becometh curls upon curls, and they are mingled with the other locks.

580. And therefore are those locks so curling, and all the progeny of them is produced from the three cavities of the brain of the skull.

58t. And all those curls hang down and are spread over the sides of the ears.

532. And therefore is it written, Dan. ix. 18: "Incline thine ear, O my God, and hear."

583. And in those curls there are found alike right and left, 1 light and dark, mercy and judgment, and everything (that hath in itself the qualities of) right and left dependeth thence (from Microprosopus), and not from the Ancient One. 2

584. In the parting of the hair appeareth a certain slender path, which hath a certain connection with that path of the Ancient of Days, and from that path are divided six hundred and thirteen paths, 3 which are

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distributed among the paths of the precepts of the law.

585. Like as it is written, Ps. xxv. 6: "All the paths of Tetragrammaton are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimony."

586. We have learned that in the single locks a thousand times a thousand utterances of the speech of Tetragrammaton are found, which depend from the single locks.

587. Among them some are hard (rigorous) and some soft (merciful), as (belonging unto) the Lord of the equilibrium (or, the Lord of mercy, who is an equilibrium between these); and therefore is He (Microprosopus) said to include right and left.


181:1 As the mediating path between them.

182:1 Whereas Macroprosopus is symbolized only by the right side of the profile.

182:2 For the reason I have given in the preceding note.

182:3 The precepts of the law are said to be 613 in number, which is also expressed by Gematria in the words "Moses our Rabbi"; MShH RBINV, Mosheh Rabbino = 40 + 300 + 5 + 200 + 2 + 10 + 50 + 6 = 613.

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