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559. IN the cavities of the skull three hollow places are found wherein is located the brain.

560. And a thin membrane is placed therein, but not a thick membrane, hidden also as that of the Ancient of Days.

561. And therefore is this brain expanded, and it shineth (or proceedeth) in thirty-two 1 paths. The same is that which is written, Gen. ii. 7: "And a river went forth out of Eden."

562. Also we have learned that in the three hollow places of the skull the brain is contained.

563. Out of the first cavity proceedeth a certain fountain of the brain in four directions, and it goeth forth from the skull, in whose cavity are contained those thirty-two paths which are the spirits of wisdom.

564. Out of the second cavity there goeth forth and expandeth a second certain fountain, and the fifty gates (of the Understanding) are opened.

565. In those fifty gates are contained the fifty days of the law; the fifty years of the jubilee; and the fifty thousand generations wherein the most holy God--blessed be He!--intendeth to restore and commemorate His Spirit in them.

566. From the third cavity there go forth a thousand times a thousand conclaves and assemblies, wherein DOTh, 2 Daath, Knowledge, is contained and dwelleth.

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567. And the hollow place of this cavity is placed between the other two cavities 1 and all those conclaves are filled from either side.

568. This is that which is written, Prov. ii. 4: "And in knowledge shall the conclaves be filled."

569. And those three are expanded over the whole body, on this side and on that, and with them doth the whole body cohere, and the body is contained by them on every side, and through the whole body are they expanded and diffused.


180:1 These are the thirty-two paths of the "Sepher Yetzirah," symbolised by the ten numbers of the decad, and the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

180:2 It is to be remembered that, according to the "Book of Concealed Mystery," Daath is the conjunction of the second and third Sephiroth. Wisdom and Understanding, the I and H of IHVH, the Supernal Father and Mother.

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