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588. THE forehead of the skull is the inspection of inspection, and it is not uncovered, except in that time when it is necessary to visit sinners for the purpose of examining their deeds.

589. Also we have learned that when that forehead is uncovered, all the lords of judgment are stirred up, and the whole universe is brought under judgment.

590. Save in that time when the prayers of the Israelites ascend before the Ancient of Days, and entreat mercy for His children; then is uncovered the forehead of the benevolence of benevolences, 1 and it shineth down upon this (forehead) of Microprosopus, and judgment is quieted.

591. Over this forehead there goeth forth a certain

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portion of hair, which is extended over it from the brain, which produceth the fifty gates (of understanding).

592. And when it is expanded, that brow glows with anger; it is the inspector of the sinners of the world--namely, of those who are shameless in their deeds.

593. Like as it is written, Jer. iii. 3: "And thou hadst the forehead of a woman who is a whore, thou refusedst to be ashamed."

594. And we have learned that that hair subsisteth not in that part of the forehead; so that it may be uncovered against those who remain steadfast in their iniquities.

595. And when the Holy One--blessed be He!--is awakened, that He may be pleased with the just, the Countenance of the Ancient of Days shineth upon the Countenance of Microprosopus, and His forehead (that of Macroprosopus) is uncovered, and illuminateth that forehead (that of Macroprosopus), and then is called the rime of benevolence.

596. But as often as judgment threateneth, and that forehead of Microprosopus is uncovered, there is uncovered the forehead of the Ancient of the Ancient Ones, and judgment is mitigated and is not exercised.

597. We have learned that that forehead is expanded into two hundred thousand rednesses of rednesses, which are contained therein, and are included therein.

598. And when the forehead of Microprosopus is uncovered, licence is given unto all those to destroy. But when the forehead of the benevolence of benevolences is uncovered, so that it may shine upon that forehead (of Microprosopus) and upon all those (rednesses), then are they quieted.

599. Also we have learned by tradition: Twenty-four superior judgments are found, and they are all called NTzChIM, Netzachim, or Victories; howsoever, while (in the arrangement of letters, NTzChIM, the singular) NTZCh, Netzach, is called Victory (i.e., means that), the neighbouring

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letters 1 (M and N in NTzChIM), being permuted, (we obtain NTzChIN singular), MTzCh, Metzach (meaning) forehead.

600. Therefore (the same word signifieth) forehead and Victory, which is in the plural victories. And this is that which is given by tradition: The Victory of victories. And they are in the forehead, but certain among them are extended in the body in (certain) known parts.

601. This is the exotic tradition: What is that which is written, 1 Sam. xv. 29: "Also the Netzach of Israel doth not lie nor repent, for He is not man that He should repent."

602. Now have we declared that Arcanum according to its constitution. All that Victory which is expanded in the body, at that time when the world is to be judged and converted, admitteth repentance, neither executeth judgment if they be converted.

603. For what reason? Because the matter resteth in that place which is called Adam, and He may repent.

604. But if that Victory be seen and uncovered in that part of the head just spoken of--namely, the forehead--there is neither time nor opportunity for repentance.

605. Wherefore? Because it is not that place which is called Adam, for the countenance and the nose are not uncovered, but the forehead alone.

606. And in that part--(i.e., the forehead) the whole countenance is not found, for that (forehead) is not called Adam, and therefore is it said: "He is not a man that He may repent" (i.e., He, HOAVA, H, is not Adam), &c.). So also is it as regardeth the (proportion of) Victory in the other parts of the body (of Macroprosopus).

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183:1 Namely, that of Macroprosopus.

185:1 I.e., in their usual place in the order of the alphabet.

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