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Sūra VIII.: Anfāl, or the Spoils of War. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra VIII.: Anfāl, or the Spoils of War.

Section 5

38. Qul lillatheena kafaroo in yantahoo yughfar lahum ma qad salafa wa-in yaAAoodoo faqad madat sunnatu al-awwaleena

38. Say to the Unbelievers,
If (now) they desist (from Unbelief),
Their past would be forgiven them;
But if they persist, the punishment
Of those before them is already
(A matter of warning for them).

39. Waqatiloohum hatta la takoona fitnatun wayakoona alddeenu kulluhu lillahi fa-ini intahaw fa-inna Allaha bima yaAAmaloona baseerun

39. And fight them on
Until there is no more
Tumult or oppression,
And there prevail
Justice and faith in God
Altogether and everywhere;
But if they cease, verily God
Doth see all that they do.

40. Wa-in tawallaw faiAAlamoo anna Allaha mawlakum niAAma almawla waniAAma alnnaseeru

40. If they refuse, be sure
That God is your Protector—
The Best to protect
And the Best to help.

41. WaiAAlamoo annama ghanimtum min shay-in faanna lillahi khumusahu walilrrasooli walithee alqurba waalyatama waalmasakeeni waibni alssabeeli in kuntum amantum biAllahi wama anzalna AAala AAabdina yawma alfurqani yawma iltaqa aljamAAani waAllahu AAala kulli shay-in qadeerun

41. And know that out of
All the booty that ye
May acquire (in war),
A fifth share is assigned
To God,—and to the Apostle,
And to near relatives,
Orphans, the needy,
And the wayfarer,
If ye do believe in God
And in the revelation
We sent down to Our Servant
On the Day of Testing,—
The Day of the meeting
Of the two forces.
For God hath power
Over all things.

42. Ith antum bialAAudwati alddunya wahum bialAAudwati alquswa waalrrakbu asfala minkum walaw tawaAAadtum laikhtalaftum fee almeeAAadi walakin liyaqdiya Allahu amran kana mafAAoolan liyahlika man halaka AAan bayyinatin wayahya man hayya AAan bayyinatin wa-inna Allaha lasameeAAun AAaleemun

42. Remember ye were
On the hither side
Of the valley, and they
On the farther side,
And the caravan
On lower ground than ye.
Even if ye had made
A mutual appointment
To meet, ye would certainly:
Have failed in the appointment:
But (thus ye met),
That God might accomplish
A matter already enacted;
That those who died might
Die after a clear Sign
(Had been given), and those who lived
Might live after a Clear Sign
(Had been given). And verily
God is He who heareth
And knoweth (all things).

43. Ith yureekahumu Allahu fee manamika qaleelan walaw arakahum katheeran lafashiltum walatanazaAAtum fee al-amri walakinna Allaha sallama innahu AAaleemun bithati alssudoori

43. Remember in thy dream
God showed them to thee
As few: if He had shown
Them to thee as many,
Ye would surely have been
Discouraged, and ye would
Surely have disputed
In (your) decision: but God
Saved (you): for He knoweth
Well the (secrets) of (all) hearts.

44. Wa-ith yureekumoohum ithi iltaqaytum fee aAAyunikum qaleelan wayuqallilukum fee aAAyunihim liyaqdiya Allahu amran kana mafAAoolan wa-ila Allahi turjaAAu al-omooru

44. And remember when ye met,
He showed them to you
As few in your eyes,
And He made you appear
As contemptible in their eyes:
That God might accomplish
A matter already enacted.
For to God do all questions
Go back (for decision).

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