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Sūra VIII.: Anfāl, or the Spoils of War. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra VIII.: Anfāl, or the Spoils of War.

Section 4

29. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo in tattaqoo Allaha yajAAal lakum furqanan wayukaffir AAankum sayyi-atikum wayaghfir lakum waAllahu thoo alfadli alAAatheemi

29. O ye who believe!
If ye fear God,
He will grant you a Criterion
(To judge between right and wrong),
Remove from you (all) evil
(That may afflict) you,
And forgive you:
For God is the Lord
Of grace unbounded.

30. Wa-ith yamkuru bika allatheena kafaroo liyuthbitooka aw yaqtulooka aw yukhrijooka wayamkuroona wayamkuru Allahu waAllahu khayru almakireena

30. Remember how the Unbelievers
Plotted against thee, to keep
Thee in bonds, or slay thee,
Or get thee out (of thy home).
They plot and plan,
And God too plans,
But the best of planners
Is God.

31. Wa-itha tutla AAalayhim ayatuna qaloo qad samiAAna law nashao laqulna mithla hatha in hatha illa asateeru al-awwaleena

31. When Our Signs are rehearsed
To them, they say: "We
Have heard this (before):
If we wished, we could
Say (words) like these:
These are nothing
But tales of the ancients."

32. Wa-ith qaloo allahumma in kana hatha huwa alhaqqa min AAindika faamtir AAalayna hijaratan mina alssama-i awi i/tina biAAathabin aleemin

32. Remember how they said:
"O God! if this is indeed
The Truth from Thee,
Rain down on as a shower
Of stones from the sky,
Or send us a grievous Penalty.

33. Wama kana Allahu liyuAAaththibahum waanta feehim wama kana Allahu muAAaththibahum wahum yastaghfiroona

33. But God was not going
To send them a Penalty
Whilst thou wast amongst them;
Nor was He going to send it
Whilst they could ask for pardon

34. Wama lahum alla yuAAaththibahumu Allahu wahum yasuddoona AAani almasjidi alharami wama kanoo awliyaahu in awliyaohu illa almuttaqoona walakinna aktharahum la yaAAlamoona

34. But what plea have they
That God should not punish
Them, when they keep out
(Men) from the Sacred Mosque—
And they are not its guardians?
No men can be its guardians
Except the righteous; but most
Of them do not understand.

35. Wama kana salatuhum AAinda albayti illa mukaan watasdiyatan fathooqoo alAAathaba bima kuntum takfuroona

35. Their prayer at the House
(Of God) is nothing but
Whistling and clapping of hands:
(Its only answer can be),
"Taste ye the Penalty
Because ye blasphemed."

36. Inna allatheena kafaroo yunfiqoona amwalahum liyasuddoo AAan sabeeli Allahi fasayunfiqoonaha thumma takoonu AAalayhim hasratan thumma yughlaboona waallatheena kafaroo ila jahannama yuhsharoona

36. The Unbelievers spend their wealth
To hinder (men) from the path
Of God, and so will they
Continue to spend; but
In the end they will have
(Only) regrets and sighs;
At length they will be overcome:
And the Unbelievers will be
Gathered together to Hell;—

37. Liyameeza Allahu alkhabeetha mina alttayyibi wayajAAala alkhabeetha baAAdahu AAala baAAdin fayarkumahu jameeAAan fayajAAalahu fee jahannama ola-ika humu alkhasiroona

37. In order that God may separate
The impure from the pure,
Put the impure, one on another,
Heap them together, and cast them
Into Hell. They will be
The ones to have lost.

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